What's a trip abroad without immersing yourself in different languages and customs? Together, we'll explore the sights and sounds of the region and welcome people from all over the world to join us in this adventure. From "Bonjour" to "Guten tag", you'll have the chance to learn and practice different languages with new friends.

Daily yoga sessions, sunrise hikes, cliff jumping sessions, a visit to Gaztelugatxe (also known as Game of Thrones' Dragonstone), surfskating lessons in the largest indoor surfskate hall, and a trip to the world-famous surf spot Mundaka are just some of the exciting activities waiting for you. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience culture, nature, and fun all in one week!


Experience the ultimate surf vacation at the stunning Playa de Berria in Cantabria!

Our surf camp is back for the seventeenth year in a row, making this location our home base once again. Nestled snugly beside the beach, surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and crystal-clear waters, our cozy campsite is less than 100 meters away from the shore.

With your tent next to the beach, you can take full advantage of this prime location, and enjoy endless days of surfing, sunbathing, and soaking up the amazing atmosphere.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful spots in Spain! Join us at Hola Onda! and discover the magic of Playa de Berria!


Looking for delicious and satisfying catering during your stay at 'Hola Onda!'? Look no further! Our catering options are designed to meet the needs of every guest, with plenty of tasty choices to satisfy any craving.

Start your day off right with our extensive breakfast buffet, featuring croissants, bread, spreads, cereals, yogurt, juice, and more. You'll be energized and ready to take on the day after this hearty meal.

For lunch, head to our beach bar where you'll find a variety of snacks and drinks to keep you fueled up all afternoon. We've got everything from healthy sandwiches to sweet treats and refreshing beverages.

When it's time for dinner, relax and enjoy our fresh, delicious meals. Our vegetarian guests are always well taken care of, with a variety of options to choose from. You'll love our BBQs, pasta and vegetable buffets, wraps, and more. Plus, with the stunning sunset as your backdrop, you're sure to have an unforgettable dining experience.

Book your stay with us now and enjoy the best catering during 'Hola Onda!' that you've ever had.

The fun

Get ready for a week filled with fun activities during 'Hola Onda!' Our crew will keep you entertained day and night with beach games, photoshoots, karaoke nights, movie nights, and the 'Battle of the Sexes' - ensuring a varied week program. But that's not all! We'll also be snorkeling, cliff jumping, hiking, surfing, playing archery tag, and taking a city trip to Bilbao.

You're a party animal? We've got you covered too! Our party program is jam-packed, and we'll make sure you can truly embrace the slogan "Surf all day, party all night!"

Because we know students deserve a break after their exams, we've added the 2 HOURS OF HAPPINESS on three evenings, where we'll offer unlimited all-you-can-drink beer, wine, or sangria for two hours. It's the perfect way to kick off a night of partying!

Join us for a week of unforgettable experiences during 'Hola Onda!'


On Thursday, we're hopping on a bus for a day trip to the beautiful Spanish Basque Country! A region known for its beautiful nature, (surf) culture and delicious food! We'll go on a Gaztelugatxe hike, visit the word famous surfspot Mundaka, and try out the largest indoor surfskate hall in Europe at Drop Indoor Sopela. Price for this day trip: € 30.
Gaztelugatxe hike
Visit the filming location of Dragonstone from Game of Thrones and take a refreshing swim in the water. We'll treat you to typical Basque snacks and drinks!
At this mythical surf spot, you'll find one of the best left waves in Europe! We'll have lunch like true Basques and check out the spot where top surfers catch barrels during big swells!
Drop Indoor Sopela
This is the largest indoor surfskate hall in Europe! We'll provide everyone with equipment for a real surfskate lesson given by local experts!
FOTO'S Berria Student Weeks

The surf

Berria is a relatively unknown and therefore still quiet surf spot located in Cantabria. The bay stretches for 2 km and due to its northern orientation, this spot receives a lot of waves. These waves break over different sandbanks, so there are always waves for both beginners and advanced surfers. Fun guaranteed!
Surf lessons
If you have never surfed before, it is best to take some initiation lessons first. All our surf instructors are ISA certified and SLSGB life savers. They are very experienced and have surfed waves all over the world. We teach in small groups so you can quickly learn a lot! Groups are divided according to level, so even if you have surfed for a few weeks, you can still take lessons.

Surf lesson: € 119 (3x 1.5 hours + 1 hour theory lesson)
Surf lesson: € 169 (5x 1.5 hours + 1 hour theory lesson)
Surf equipment
We only work with the best equipment! Regardless of whether you take lessons or not, you have a choice of a wide range of shortboards, mini-malibus and softboards. Wetsuits and lycras are provided by O'Neill, the ultimate surf brand. There are also bodyboards available and at the camp you will find indoboards and a slackline to improve your technique on dry land. If you bring your own board, you can leave it in our secured area at the camp.


For all groups of 10 people or more, we offer numerous benefits. A group can simply be a bunch of friends, but also your fellow students, your local pub, youth center, youth organization, sports club, etc. are more than welcome!

Would you like to make a group request? Please contact groups@boardx.be.

Zij gingen je voor

Ons surfkamp staat er dit jaar voor de dertiende keer! Doorheen de jaren zijn er al duizenden jongeren mee geweest. Ontdek hun ervaring met BoardX!

Alle Testimonials

Ik heb nog nooit zoveel heimwee gehad naar een kamp!! Mis de mensen, eten, plezier, goed weer… TOT VOLGEND JAAR!!


De activiteiten 's avonds waren super nice! Elke avond was het echt een toffe activiteit en de moni’s stonden ook altijd vol enthousiasme klaar om er weer een toffe avond van te maken.


Het monitorenteam was the best! Het waren één voor één leuke mensen waar ik op het einde wel een band mee had gekregen. Als je problemen of een goeie talk nodig had kon je er altijd bij terecht. Maar ook om plezier te maken stonden ze altijd paraat!

Data en prijzen

join the surf trip


  • Sat 7 - Sat 14 September 2024: € 329


  • Stay in spacious tents
  • Surf equipment: surfboards, wetsuits, rashies
  • Use of kitchen tent and equipment
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Various free activities: Archery tag, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Cliffjumping, Hikes...
  • Free parties
  • BoardX T-shirt and goodiebag
Included: all you can drink!
  • 3 days, two hours per evening (beer/wine/sangria or soft drinks)


  • Inbound/outbound journey by bus (from Belgium): €50 / journey
  • Half board: €149
  • Day trip The Basque Tour: €30
  • Surfing lessons: €119 for 3x  1.5 hrs / €169 for 5x 1.5 hrs
  • Rent a bike: €59 (deposit €50)
  • Stay an extra week: €219
  • Cancellation insurance: €55 per week
  • Cancellation + Travel insurance: €79 per week
  • Airport shuttle: Santander €30, Bilbao €45
  • Bedding: air mattress, fresh sheets, duvet & pillow €15


  • Inbound/outbound journey by bus (from Belgium): €50 / journey
  • Half board: €139
  • Day trip The Basque Tour: €30
  • Surfing lessons: €109 for 3x  1.5 hrs / €159 for 5x 1.5 hrs
  • Rent a bike: €55 (deposit €50)
  • Stay an extra week: €209
  • Cancellation insurance: €39 per week
  • All risk insurance: €55 per week
  • Airport shuttle: Santander €30, Bilbao €45
  • Bedding: air mattress, fresh sheets, duvet & pillow €15
Lisa uit Essen

Zalig! Ik had eerst geen half pension geboekt, maar dan toch overgeschakeld, omdat ik zag hoe lekker het er allemaal uitzag. Zeker ook een heel breed vegetarisch aanbod!

Flo uit Schilde

Ik keer absoluut terug, want ik heb hier een onvergetelijke tijd beleefd! Voor het eerst in jaren voelde ik mij echt goed op een plaats in een groep met mensen die ik totaal niet kende. Op zo’n korte tijd heb ik zoveel leuke nieuwe mensen mogen leren kennen. Ik heb mij rot geamuseerd!

Jinne uit Leuven

"Activiteiten waren echt nice, ook tof dat er elke dag zoveel te doen was. Ik wist soms niet meer wat wel en wat niet te doen. Wat ook echt nice was, was de strandspelen en de volleybal. Altijd tof om te doen, vind ik!"

Yara uit lembeek

Geweldig eten! Steeds vers en smaakt heel lekker na een lange dag in het water en bezig geweest te zijn.

Helena uit maaseik

De surfles was zeer leerzaam en de coach was ook een topper. Je zag hem niet enkel tijdens de les, maar was het hele kamp actief aanwezig!

Nassim uit Leuven

Tijdens de avondactiviteiten hebben we de leukste momenten meegemaakt. De parties waren zalig (ook dankzij de Freeflow ;)). Na de feestjes deden we altijd verder op het strand. Daar hebben we elkaar goed kunnen leren kennen. Het was elk moment plezier en gelach.

Tess uit mol

Echt een toffe bende monitoren! Het was fijn om te zien dat ook zij zich tijdens hun verplichtingen leken te amuseren :) Ze zorgden voor een toffe sfeer & door hun chille aanpak leek ook niemand deze te willen verpesten.